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How big are Maine Coon cats?
Maine Coons are the largest domestic breed of cats. Males average 13 to 18 pounds and sometimes much larger. Females average 9 to 12 pounds.
Do Maine Coons require much grooming?
Maine Coons are long hair cats and should be combed once a week or so. Other than that they require little attention.
What kind of personality do Main Coons have?
Maine Coons are gentle loving cats. They remain kittenish throughout their lives. They are often quite goofy and always entertaining.
What colors do Maine Coons come in?
Maine Coons come in all colors except for chocolate, lavender, ticked tabby, and the pointed ("Siamese") pattern. Brown tabby is the most common.
I've heard that Maine Coons grow slowly. Is this true?
Well, yes and no. They reach their full length and height at about 18 months. They continue to add body mass for another couple of years.
I've always had indoor - outdoor cats. Is this okay for my new kitten?
Cats that are allowed to roam, live, on average, about half as long as ones that live indoor. They are also much more prone to disease and injury. We strongly discourage letting your cat outdoors without human supervision. You made a large investment when you purchased your kitty and you should protect it.
What age can a new kitten be taken to his/her new home?
We keep a kitten with her mother and litter mates for 16 weeks. This provides better socialization and allows for the first series of vaccinations before traveling to her new home.
What about spaying/neutering my kitten?
All of our pet kittens are sold with a spay/neuter agreement. When we receive the neuter certification from your Vet, we will send the registration papers for your kitten. We recommend neutering around 6 months of age.
What about declawing my cat?
Declawing is cruel to a cat. An equivalent procedure on a human would be to amputate all fingers at the first knuckle. Scratching is a natural behavior for a cat. If appropriate scratching posts are made available at a young age, destructive scratching behavior can usually be avoided. Our adoption contract prohibits declawing of our kittens.
What is a microchip?
A microchip is a very small radio transponder, about the size of a grain of rice, that is inserted under the skin, usually between the shoulder blades on cats and dogs. It contains an identification code that is in a national registry. Almost all animal shelters and Vets have microchip readers. We encourage buyers of our kittens to get them microchipped. All of our resident cats have been microchipped.
How much does a Maine Coon kitten cost?
Our pet kittens start at $700.
What is CFA?
CFA is the Cat Fanciers Association. It is the oldest and largest cat registry in the world. Our kittens are registered with CFA and TICA.
What is TICA?
TICA is The International Cat Association. It is the 2nd largest cat registry in the United States and is the fastest growing. Our kittens are registered with CFA and TICA.


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