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Here are some links to cat related sites that you may find interesting.

MTNest Maine Coons (pronounced "empty nest") has some of the most stunning cats we have ever seen. Judy and David Bernbaum have done an outstanding job with their cats, producing some of the top Maine Coons on the planet.

Another fine cattery is CoonOpry Maine Coons. They have produced many champions in CFA.

The most prolific Maine Coon cattery in Corvallis is Mishikoonz. They produce wonderful kittens. Cari and Pete are also great friends.

The Los Angeles Purr Department, better known as LAPD Maine Coons, is an outstanding cattery that has been very successful in the show ring, producing many champions, especially in TICA.

Helmi Flick, in our opinion, may be the finest cat photographer currently working. She does outstanding work, including several of the photos on our site.

We have been using Litter Robots for years and have been very happy with them.

Here is where we got our cat door.

The International Cat Association

The Cat Fanciers Association

The following links are not cat related but you may find them interesting.

The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe





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